Learn How to Service Your ERT250 Conveyor

, Learn How to Service Your ERT250 Conveyor


ERT250 Conveyors

Dorner’s ERT250 Conveyor is the latest advancement in pallet and tray handling conveyance. This new type of conveyor provides low back pressure accumulation, non-contact zoning and conventional transport, all without a belt! It features a clean, open roller design and is ideal for assembly automation and cleanroom applications.

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ERT250 Installation and Maintenance Tasks


This video shows how to:

  • Attaching Stands
  • Connecting Corner Conveyors
  • Side Cover removal and Installation
  • Drive Shaft Relocation
  • Lower Gear Replacement
  • Slip Roller Replacement
  • Motor Relocation
  • Motor Idler Gear Replacement and Motor Replacement

For more information, please refer to the service manual.