Dorner’s 1100 Series – Not Just Small Conveyors

, Dorner’s 1100 Series – Not Just Small Conveyors

Did you know that Dorner’s 1100 Series isn’t just for small applications?  While the 1100 Series is ideal for small parts, they are more than just small conveyors.  The conveyor pictured above is a 60″ long conveyor!

1100 Series 60" long conveyor with measuring tape

1100 Series General Specifications:

  • Belt Widths: 1.75″, 3.75″, 6″, 8″, & 10″
  • Conveyor Lengths: 10.5″ to 72″ in 1/8″ Increments
  • Loads up to 15 lbs
  • Belt Speeds up to 70 fpm


Features of the 1100 Series include :


  • Pinch Drive Design – (patent pending)
    • Increases carrying capacity without need for high belt tension
    • Low belt tension allows for use of miniature rollers for optimal handling of small parts
    • Low belt tension virtually eliminates belt stretch providing maintenance free conveying
    • Belt is tracked with conveyor frame design and pinch drive worry free operation
    • Four fasteners allows removal of 1/2 of pinch drive making belt changes fast and easy
    • Pinch drive is reversible providing maximum flexibility in applications


  • Low Profile Height – Compact miniature design frees up valuable machine or worker space
  • Small Roller Diameter – Optimal size for the handling of small parts and transfer of small parts
  • Cleanroom Certified – Class 100 certified for use in medical and pharmaceutical cleanroom applications
  • T-Slot – Drop in T-bar for ease and flexibility in mounting automation components or accessories

Learn more about the 1100 Series here.